Deal or no Deal?

Over the years, the topic of the possibility that one can literally sell his or her soul to Satan or a lesser demon in the form of a written or verbal contract for wordly gains has caused and has continued to cause a stir that cuts across diverse human religious groups, ethnic groups, social strata, race, etc. It is a widely known gossip that some well known personalities such as; musicians, politicians, footballers, movie actors and actresses as well as producers, etc have at one time indulged in this damning pact with the devil. It is the prevalent belief that selling one's soul to the devil is a step taken to ensure possession of power, wealth, popularity, etc while one is still living on earth. The result of the action is that the person's soul is damned to go to hell after the person passes on. It is now needful to find out how this bizarre idea and story had found a strong footing in the lore of human societies existing in all parts of the globe.

Deal or no Deal?
Deal or no Deal?


A certain Roman Catholic Bishop by the name of Theophilus, who was later canonized as 'St. Theophilus of Adana' was the first person to be recorded to have allegedly 'sold' his soul to the devil.

The story goes that Saint  Theophilus (prior to his becoming a bishop) had been the archdeacon of Adana, Cilicia, which is part of modern Turkey. He was unanimously elected to be a bishop, and when out of humility he turned the position down, another man was elected in his stead.

However, on ascending the seat of bishop, this man elected in Theophilus stead refused him the continuation of office as archdeacon. This event pushed Theophilus to regret his earlier decision to decline the offer of the seat of bishop. The story goes that Theophilus began the effort to sought out a necromancer who could assist him in establishing a direct contact with Satan. 

A necromancer he found and a direct contact with Satan he attained. Theophilus had asked Satan to make him the bishop by turning circumstances against the current bishop. Satan inclined to do so only if Theophilus would sign a document using a drop of his blood, sealing the pact that will ultimately allow the soul of Theophilus to be ceded over to the devil.

The story of St. Theophilus of Adana have inspired many articles, theories,  movies, etc to be made based on the idea that one could actually sell his or her soul to Satan in exchange for certain gains.


There have been many contentions especially from religious critics downplaying the possibility of such pact ever occurring at any given time. 

The most popular of them all is the argument presented by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a Senior Pastor of The Christ Embassy Church. He condemned the idea along with articles, write-ups and movies that promoted it and blamed the 'fall' of some Christians from 'the Christian way' on the prevalence the idea enjoys. 

He had hinged his argument on the biblical text derived from Ezekiel 18:4 where it states; “Behold, all souls are Mine; the soul
of the father as well as the soul of
the son is Mine; the soul who sins
shall die.”

The Pastor also went further to state the following,  "There’re those who ask if it’s possible for people to sell their souls to the devil. No one can sell his or her soul to the devil; the reason being that all souls belong to God. How can satan possibly pay for the soul of any human being and
with what “currency” exactly? God
paid for the soul of every man,
woman, boy, and girl, with the
precious blood of Jesus Christ (1
Peter 1:18-19 ). Satan lies to a
whole lot of Christians, deceiving
them to think he’s in charge of
their lives somehow, whereas he
doesn’t have such rights. Jesus
bought the whole field and paid for
everyman. So, you can’t sell your
soul to the devil.".


Be it as it may, the idea of 'selling your soul to the devil' for personal gains and advantage continues to garner popularity and curiosity, which has driven many a desperate person to ascertain if he or she might actually get to cut a good deal with the devil.


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